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With climate change and development expected to eat into the total amount of land globally available for farming, effective land use will be key to maintaining successful results in the years ahead. We just like the feeling of being able to fly around in a little flying toy, and punch through tiny gaps while looking through your FPV goggles sitting on your sofa. Farmers are one audience that can benefit from drones in several ways, from monitoring crops, sensing and preventing unfavourable meteorological conditions to protecting yields from predators and pests.

It will require refinement of AI algorithms for better autonomous trajectory creation. To safely navigate around obstacles and avoid collisions, algorithms for both co-piloting and fully autonomous flights of drones have already been developed. However, the right farming drones and spraying payloads can distribute chemicals evenly and efficiently. The efficient application of the above is a persistent challenge for any grower.

Why do we need drone software

There have been numerous cases of drones being used for environmental and conservational projects. These include tracking emissions from power plants, mapping out woodlands from above to measure deforestation and using drones to detect and deter illegal animal poaching. We all know that drones are proving to be useful tools in a wide range of industries. But so are calculators and hard hats, along with any number of innovations that have occurred over the years. There are different third-party software that helps users to take advantage of the drone’s capability.


There are four different licensing options for this drone mapping software. The price we’ve listed is for the Agriculture version, which is online only and offers real time 2D mapping, 2D field reconstruction, and 2D multispectral reconstruction. Choosing which one to use is dependent on a variety of factors, from cost to intended purpose. Let’s take a look into 5 of the most popular drone mapping software packages for converting unmanned aerial vehicle data into a useable form.

Why do we need drone software

This is a complete software suite made up of a number of different applications that are designed to provide the ultimate mapping and surveying solution for a range of different industries. PhotoScan from AgiSoft is a software package that takes advantage of photogrammetry technology to stitch together your drone images into a complete map. This type of 3D data processing has been around for decades, but it has only recently become popular in the commercial drone mapping industry. Luckily, there are a handful of drone mapping software packages on the market that can help with drone data processing and conversion.

Other Drone Software

Drone mapping software isn’t just used by private companies, but also public service organizations like the police and fire services. Drone mapping software can be used to monitor and manage forests in a similar way to it is in agriculture. By providing detailed maps of forests, officials can then monitor tree count and heath by spotting dead or diseased trees, and can also help prevent illegal logging.

Why do we need drone software

Malek Murison is a technology journalist based in London who covers drone industry news and product reviews for DroneLife. He’s written features for the Financial Times and works with some of the drone world’s most exciting startups. The price we’ve quoted is for the Lite license, but there’s also the Individual licence at $299 per month that comes with more kb upload per map and advanced features. There are also Teams and Enterprise designed for use across businesses and large companies, which you need to request a quote for.

The early drone days

And drones, which is what we’re really interested in at the moment, are unmanned aerial vehicles , also known as flying robots or electric buzzards at times. If you are a construction company looking to map projects in 3D, PrecisionHawk’s “Scout” package will be very useful. If you are looking for more advanced mapping software, then AgiSoft’s PhotoScan is the best option on the market. It also handles processing in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for data before being able to use your maps, and you can plan flights from within the software itself. Another thing which you will want to consider is the ease of use for any software packages that you are considering. While some systems can handle just about everything themselves, others require additional work on your part after the initial data conversion.

  • Drones allow opening previously unavailable opportunities – to see the invisible and reach the unreachable – not only in the air but also on the ground and underwater.
  • In the early days of drones, the robotic birds were expensive to produce, difficult to use and control.
  • These numbers are only going to rise as more emergency services adopt the technology and more medical delivery use cases evolve.
  • One great thing about DJI GroundStation is that it takes advantage of the same SDK which was created for the DJI Phantom 3, so it is guaranteed to work with all of your drone equipment.

This is an all-in-one drone software designed for agriculture, mining, construction, renewable energy, inspection, disaster management and more, and offers some of the most advanced drone mapping tools of all programs. There are several factors that go into picking the right drone mapping software package. Of course, the cost of each product will play its part in your decision-making process, but other factors may be more important.

I have always had the desire and dream of being able to fly, and this is probably the closest you can get to it without jumping out of a plane or playing a video game. Clicking on links to learn more, or buy products, may earn us money, and support our work. Learn more about the history of TranscendFPV and our passion on our About page.

Whether it’s drone racing, flying taxis, aerial photography or drone light shows, these machines and their applications can take our breath away, leave us wanting to know more and inspire the next generation of great minds. One of our favorite uses of drones in the world of conservation is the work of Ocean Alliance. However, by using drones to stream video back to teams on the ground, dangerous missions can be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

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There is no way of calculating how many lives the technology could save in the years to come or how many injuries it will help to prevent. Drone mapping is useful at every stage of the construction process – from mapping the initial site, to monitoring stockpiles and construction phases, to creating 3D reconstructions of completed projects. Enterprise drone applications should be able to integrate with enterprise systems, depending on their task – for example, with logistics management systems for delivery services, maintenance systems for pipeline surveying and so on. If you want to keep up with the rapidly evolving innovations in the drone industry, enhancements should happen frequently and not hinder the system’s stability.

Why do we need drone software

NDVI mapping can even be used to identify areas of dry vegetation to help prevent forest fires. Much of this growth is due to the development and refinement of valuable new capabilities and drone loadouts. Iran is sending Russia deliveries of aerial vehicles and a large number of “kamikaze” drones or Shahed-136s.

The Basics of Thermal Drones

Two of the main ways that the right UAV and payload can help are efficient crop spraying and field mapping. There are a huge number of ways to make money flying drones, from charging people to film things like weddings and events right up to filming and inspecting wind turbines without having to actually climb up there yourself. Federal Aviation Administration agency, drone adoption has been growing rapidly in the past few years and will continue to do so well beyond 2020. New, streamlined regulations outline the process to legally operate commercial drones, and make it easier to envision new uses for them, further expanding drone operations. The most significant recent change is perhaps the fact that operating commercial drones no longer requires a pilot’s license.

How Drones are Useful Tools for Project Planning – For Construction Pros

How Drones are Useful Tools for Project Planning.

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User software covers front- and back-end parts of web and mobile user applications. They help users to plan and conduct flights, as drone software development well as display data from a drone to users. User software also includes interfaces for communication with the cloud and the drone.

Russia was supplied drones from Iran back in August. Why do they need them? Will Iran send more?

If you spray too much concentrated in one place, you run up extra costs and potentially decrease the quality of your produce. Too low a concentration, however, and you leave your crops vulnerable to being overgrown with weeds, malnourished, or eaten by insects and other predators — potentially decreasing the yield rate. They are able to take out targets and be programmed without human intervention, per the Economic Times.


This is because a drone can provide a new perspective, helping companies and individuals see things from new angles. With every platform and payload innovation, DJI Enterprise expands what is possible for first responders, inspection crews, surveyors, and other industrial users. The Mavic 3E is a compact, portable, and powerful drone for everyday operations.

The software works directly with drone images and uses its proprietary cloud processing engine to provide users with rapid results. In fact, it claims to be the only drone mapping software with a mobile, desktop, and cloud platform, so you and your team can access it with any device and easily share data instantly on the cloud. Raptor Maps is a notable drone mapping software due to its unique application. While most mapping programs are geared towards industries like construction and agriculture, Raptor Maps is built specifically for mapping and inspecting solar panel systems.


So, for the record, droids are mechanical beings that possess artificial intelligence, often used in situations too dangerous for other species. As long as your files are in DNG, JPEG, TIFF, or any other industry-standard format, then they will be processed with ease. However, this can be advantageous because it gives you the freedom to make the software fit into your workflow instead of forcing you to change it. Depending on your workflow, it may be necessary to use an intermediary format, so make sure to find out what types of data the software can save before you make a purchase. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. We seem to be constantly hearing about skills shortages in the STEM subjects .

The last software package we will be taking a look at is DJI GroundStation. This solution was developed by DJI as an official way to process their data, so you can expect it to work flawlessly with all of their drones and gimbals. This real-time computation allows for quick automated data processing without having to upload any of your data or wait for processing. The packages which are more affordable require additional work on your part, such as stitching images together or manually creating ground control points . The best services offer some type of ground control point creation capabilities as well, but make sure it is included in the package before you decide to purchase. Getting your drone mapping data into something that can quickly and easily be analyzed by a GIS user is important if you want to see the fruits of your labor.

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