FOB Shipping Point vs FOB Destination Know the

freight terms of fob shipping point mean that the

In 2010, the ICC altered the definition to state the seller must load the goods on board the vessel nominated by the buyer. A late shipment, a break down, a shipping slip filled out improperly – no matter what it is—a circumstance can arise to challenge the best working dynamic in logistics.

Unlike FOB shipping, the supplier is not required to ensure the safe movement from port to ship. Understanding the differences between each is as simple as knowing how much responsibility the buyer and supplier assume under each agreement. Of the 11 different incoterms that are currently used in international freight, Free on Board fob shipping point is the one that you will encounter most frequently. If a shipper sends out freight, but that freight never arrives at the customer, the shipper is responsible for either replacing or reimbursing the cost of the goods. The term free on board simply refers to freight that is being shipped over water instead of land or air.

F.O.B. Shipping Point definition

FOB shipping point means you choose your delivery method, which can lower costs, or you can avoid liability, even though you’ll likely pay more, with FOB destination. The point at which the goods’ ownership transfers and related shipping costs also affect your cost of goods sold . The point of FOB shipping point terms is to transfer the title to the goods to the buyer at the shipping point. Goods in transit should therefore be reported as a purchase and as inventory by the buyer, and as a sale and an increase in accounts receivable by the seller. FOB is important for a number of reasons, but most importantly, shippers and carriers need to understand FOB designations in damage situations. Some receiving docks will refuse delivery of obviously damaged goods, rather than accept with a damage notation for future claim against the carrier.

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  • Typically, the two other add-on terms are Freight Prepaid and Freight Collect.

The point of FOB destination is to transfer the title to the goods to the buyer as soon as they’ve arrived at the buyer’s location. The alternative terms for recording the sale in the records fall under FOB shipping point, which indicates that the sale is recorded when the seller ships the goods. This means that goods in transit should be reported as inventory by the seller since technically the sale doesn’t occur until the goods reach the destination.

FOB: shipping point vs destination

The FOB destination outlines terms indicating that the seller will incur the delivery expense to get the goods to the destination. However, the risk of transfer is different in both Incoterms.

freight terms of fob shipping point mean that the

Don’t take chances with your international deals that could end up costing you tremendously. Contact ShipCalm today to learn more about how we can be your partner and resource in international shipping – we take the uncertainty out of the complexities of incoterms. Only once goods have arrived at the final shipping destination should they be reported as a purchase and as inventory by the buyer. Equally, only once the goods reach the destination will the seller record it as a sale and an increase in accounts receivable. Cost, Insurance, and Freight is an Incoterm where the seller is responsible for arranging the shipping and paying for the insurance of the goods. However, the CIF incoterm places a little more responsibility on the buyer’s side as it requires them to arrange the shipment to the destination port and pay any relevant charges there.

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